How I Used One Twitter Reply To Get 99 Newsletter Subscribers In A Day

And how can you do it too.

Chrome Extension Ideas
3 min readAug 29, 2021

What is Chrome Extension Ideas?

I launched Chrome Extension Ideas 4 weeks ago.

It’s a newsletter where I share extension ideas that people are already looking for.

So you just need to build and serve them.

How did I gain 99 subscribers in a day?

After running the newsletter for 3 weeks, I had 18 subscribers then I received a notification on Twitter.

I was on twitter doing some research so caught this notification almost instantly.

Girish had tagged me in a thread where Greg Isenberg had written about Chrome Extensions that crossed the billion dollar mark.

I was on this thread within 5 minutes of going live so it was easy to get noticed.

This was the time to shoot my shot.

I wrote about the newsletter and shared under his thread.

I wasn’t expecting anything crazy here but then Greg liked my tweet and it was all craziness after that.

This became my most popular “Tweet” and also got me a few followers as well.

I had my email notifications turned on for new newsletter subscribers and I was getting a notification every other minute.

I ended up getting more than 150 subscribers from that tweet.

So, How can you replicate this?

I know, not everyone has someone as supportive as Girish to inform them about every opportunity.

And TBH, even Girish can’t help you find it all.

You also can’t spend your life scrolling on twitter and waiting for opportunities like this.

So what do we do?

We use Syften. (Affiliate Link)

Syften is a social monitoring tool that you can use to keep track of certain keywords on Twitter.

I have mine setup like this:

And I receive an email with all tweets mentioning my set keywords every single day.

Now it is not as fast as Girish as Syften doesn’t have an option to receive an instant alert.

And instant alerts would probably get frustrating after a while as every mention is not an opportunity.

But going through it once in a day is a good solution.

Give this a try and let me know how it goes for you.